Progress Property Management
  Basic Info

Progress Property Management “PPM” operating history goes back more than 15 years through our various acquisitions and branch operations. it is established in 2001 and launched as a highly successful property management company in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, UAE.

The main mission of the company is to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to exceed the expectations of customers, provide visibility and transparency in all the services for clients who place their trust in us, and provide a professional, standardized, and consistent service to the Client and Tenants, alike.

The main element is the building icon that represents property in combination with the two up arrows to ensure the progress principle and repeat the arrow in the “R” letter to confirm the idea, then we use the vertical lines that reflect growth and elegance. These are the elements that shaped PPM’s logo next to stationery. Using The gold color that embodies wealth, success, and confidence.