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We believe architecture is a salvation of the intellect, an intimate synthesis of all the large and small details that compose and distinguish a building: the symbolism of the form; the relationship of the building to the skyline and the context; the function of its interior spaces; its ecology; and its structure. Through an integrative process and by combining their knowledge creatively, architects and engineers work alongside on all the different aspects to devise integrated and sustainable concepts, then develop and convert them to a design that efficiently serves the goals of the building and the environment.

The technology that constructions reached nowadays is very impressive. The structural engineering team has experience in steel structure and complex buildings, and particular knowledge of non-linear and seismic design and analysis. Following local codes and third-party procedures, designs are studied by the structural engineering team from projects’ initial conception right through to completion on-site together with the architectural teams.

A key role throughout the design and construction phases comes from the support that is provided by the management team. The team supplies others with a wide range of tools to ensure the progress of project phases is safely growing: from programming, change control, and procurement to document control, payments, and risk management.

Using the most up-to-date technologies, the design support team frequently works as an integral part of the overall studio propping/providing other teams & customers with a diverse range of works: graphics; visualization; film; model-making; and 3D computer modeling.

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