Logistics Office & Canteen Buildings
  Basic Info

The new logistics office building for the Wapco II plant is located in 5600m2 site at the south entrance of the plant close to Ewekoro city. The scheme brings together a highly efficient flexible logistics office building and a separated canteen building.
Concentrating on creating an enclosed green landscape the design successfully provided a calm and healthy environment for occupants where both buildings were set in a rectangular shape defining a parking zone and connected with a pergola. The apparent simplicity of the building was our design approach. From the very beginning The buildings were formed as modern gable-roof buildings responding to the rainy weather.
Access to the logistics office building is through the exterior courtyard which also leads to the opened-space office section and the interior garden.
As a response to the expected future growth of the plants’ employees the innovative design provided a flexible solution that can adapt to these changes through devoting the roof of the Open-space offices section to accept extra levels without causing any demolition or destruction for the building or the landscaping.