Swaida Rose
  Basic Info

Situated in the CBD of Swaida city close to Market St and the financial district Swaida rose is a mixed-use building. Providing 6500m2 of Office space 6500m2 of retails and 2000m2 of restaurants and entertainment spaces.
Our design approach depended on abstracting the form of the royal rose deriving the basic lines from the irregular site to create a dynamic form that would stand out of the context. 

Sustainability & Design
Responsive to the sustainable vision of the design a central Skylight was added to float the core and common zones with natural light creating a special ambiance within. While office and retails spaces were equipped with a smart facade system to control natural light. While drawing greenery deep into the building the terraces were prepared with green roof systems.

Spaces & Circulation
Access to the store is through full height glazed pivoting doors on two levels from market square or directly from the valley street. The interior courtyards are specially designed to enhance the visual connection between all levels creating informal spaces to meet and interact evoking a rich built environment.