Eko Green Tower
  Basic Info

Eko green tower is a mixed-use building with a total area of 11,725 m ² designed to be built in Lagos, Nigeria, on a 3,340 m ² land, in front of the Ministry of Environment and next to Multi-Agency Complex Buildings. Optimizing & minimizing, our innovative design approach developed its unique method to transform the random lines of the site into an equilateral triangle which is one of the dominant prime shapes, to be the pulp of the building form, and to be derived the rest of the building, later, by rotating one of the triangle sides around its corner twice composing the final form of the building.

The function program of the building was developed to contain three major divisions; Three models of offices host 320 P persons with an area of 6,800m², an auditorium fits 285 Persons with an area of 400m², and Car-Park for 80 Cars with an area of 3,240m ². In addition to meeting rooms and a small theater, Canteen was provided to serve the whole building. With a semi-private garden with 2,600m ² of Landscape and Green terraces. 

Following our deep belief in sustainability as one of the best responses to present and future global environmental problems. Our design solution was concentrating on creating a calm and comfortable environment for the building’s occupants and eliminating the negative factors that may impact them, the climate, and nature. By reducing the building’s energy consumption, enhancing the five essential points; natural lighting and ventilation, rainwater recycling, solar energy, and reducing traffic noise. 

“The building is provided with 20-30% of renewable energy by approx. 300m² of solar panels”.