Ashaka Limestone Shed
  Basic Info

Ashaka Cement plant is a subsidiary of Lafarge Africa Plc. Since it was built in 1974 the Plant has evolved to meet changing operational requirements but no longer had the capacity to adapt to meet future needs. Following a 2019 study a new limestone shed has proposed to be constructed over a 200mx100m site.

The main challenge for the new structure was the width span of the construction which is 100m with a total height of 28m. With a wind speed that may reach 140km/s the structure was formed as a half-cylinder reducing wind forces. While the 200m depth was divided into 10m grid each contained double arched trusses with a total of 20 composited elements supporting each other with flat trusses and braces the whole structure system working as one unit carrying the weight of the roof and other forces to the foundation below.
The roof consists of purlin metal as the structural elements and aluminum sheets as main cladding with semi-transparent PVC sheets for openings.