Multichem Industries Ltd - Headquarters
  Basic Info

The building is the new headquarters for the Multichem Industries Ltd Company a trading company based in Nigeria. The new building consolidates the company’s operations in one place.
The ground floor occupies 1.500m2 in front of the existed warehouses and surrounds by the landscape. In the middle of the building the reception hall is a 7.2m double-height opened to outdoor enhancing the sense of welcoming and creating a visual connection to the rich landscape. The slab on the second floor extends out facades creating a floated greenery cantilever. while the glazed facades at the upper floors shift back creating green terraces.
The innovative design enhances transparency improving the natural light and creating a relaxed environment of the interior spaces. Using a modern palette of materials including wood and painted concrete for facades and terrazzo for floor tiling the character of the building is simple calm and warm.