Swaida Mixed-Use
  Basic Info

As a part of our participation in the 7th Architecture Exhibition 2018. Representing our vision for the future of architecture in the city we introduced the Swaida mixed-use project as a part of our solution for the major issues and problems confronting the city nowadays. Re-creating the concept of a mixed-use building to adapt to the culture of the society and the local environment was the heart of our design approach.

Swaida Mixed-use is suggested to occupy 6700 m2 site in an important location at the heart of Swaida CBD following the building regulation standards our design process began by representing the mass of the total gross area then creating the essential circulation pedestrians axis after subtracting the volume of the main courtyard once again the re-forming process began this time by dividing the mass into 5x5m grid then performing a regular subtracting and adding processes to follow the rhythm of the context. 
The commercial zone extends over three stories stretching away from the tower. Its roof is laid out as a park pixelated building


Note: The project was designed as a part of our participation in the 7th Architectural Exhibition 2018