Re-planning the CBD Of Swaida City
  Basic Info

Swaida city Central Business District is the major Central Business District of the Governorate over the time the site had to be developed in order to absorb the increase of population economic growth and the environmental vision of the city. The master-plan is planned to increase civic spaces create new venues for business and entertainment and remove traffic to create a safe semi-pedestrianized public realm.

Following a 2010 study we provided an integrated suggestion to re-introducing the character of the city enhance the built environment of the CBD and provide a flexible solution that can easily adapt to future change. The re-planning approach was relying on multi-layer of simple enhancements improving urban cultural tourist and environmental terms of the ancient city the development brings together places to live and work further evolving a sustainable model of high density mixed-use development.


Note: The project was designed as a Donation to the Governorate of Swaida