AlKadam Train Station Canopy
  Basic Info

Al-Kadam railway Station is situated in the south of Damascus and is part of the Hejaz Railway System. The station contains an interesting museum for locomotives used in Syria in addition to being the main train station in Damascus linking the capital to other cities. Providing transportation services to more than 10000 Passengers daily.


The project purpose is to provide a comfortable atmosphere and covered areas.


Design Concept:

A continuously organic form was conceptualized to follow the rhythm of Mount Qasioun. The result is an identical structure that appears to be floating dynamically over the passengers zone. Divided equally into 8 zones (50X25 m2 for each zone) to ensure equal space for repetitive canopy units. The unit design originates from a simple 2.5x2.5 grid acted upon by five tension forces to create a floating Unit. The structural body was designed using the space frame system extending over the entire 50 m span using post-tension pockets in the concrete columns. 



Note: The design of this project is submitted as a proposed design.