Museum of Modern Architecture
  Basic Info

Following the intention to improve Architectural knowledge and once the laboratory buildings located in front of the faculty of architecture. The project was meant to re-invest the blank spaces between these buildings by constructing the museum of the modern Architecture.
The design successfully combines an understanding of the traditional Damascus style of buildings with the philosophy of simplicity and beauty. A sharp composition of solid blocks that interlaced together defining the form of the building and creating an inner yard with a dynamic cover of timber and glazing a central portion penetrates the building to provide natural light and ventilation.
The building incorporates galleries for permanent and temporary exhibitions a multimedia education center and library as well as restoration and storage facilities. These spaces are arranged over a multi-stories block with administrative offices in the individual attached one.

Spaces & Circulation
The heart-space of the museum is the Exhibition Hall which extends over four levels of cantilevered slabs that are connected together by stairs stretching above the existed central building’s roof. Each story represents an architectural era the galleries arranged together as a single movement path always driving the visitors to the next eras.

Natural Light & The Building 
Its design is a highly innovative response to the culture and climate of the city with a unique composition of glazing and prefabricated twisted lightweight carbon fiber. The skin of the building allows the sunlight streaming through the surface casts dappled shadows deep into the interior.


Note: This project was designed as a Donation to the University of Damascus