The Engineering Campus
  Basic Info

The master-plan for the expansion is planned to contain an additional administration building a laboratory building an institute of seismological research and an expansion building for the faculty of Civil engineering locating close to the old faculty of civil engineering. The new buildings are designed to reflect the new construction technology that architecture reached in the country evoking the traditional style of architecture and meeting sustainability goals.

As a response to this both the institute building and the expansion building were designed as one multi-disciplinary building and connected the old building by a bridge. Within this key elements of each school are arranged around an internal central courtyard maintaining their own identities but with a layered series of spaces that can be shared to varying degrees. With this approach the different faculties share teaching spaces admin areas lecture halls recreational areas and even some technical teaching facilities. Each school is now able to share the costs and benefits of better building services storage and amenities such as cafeterias and personnel support.
Using a combination of warm and cold materials including stone metal and wide glazed facade we inculcate a unique sense of continuity and connection the landscaping around the buildings is designed to evoke the environment of Damascus city.


Note: The Engineering Campus Competition